Cyber Security Engineer

Job Description

  • Be the go-to person for wide range of security disciplines, stay up-to-date of the current threat and cyber security landscape and best practices in cyber security protection
  • Planning, implementing, managing, monitoring and upgrading of IT security infrastructure
  • Develop and maintain security processes and technical, operational and configuration documentations required for audit and compliance
  • Identify, track and report incidents and responses for IT security
  • Conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Support sales & business development team and present and provide solutions to cyber security questions



  • 3+ years’ experience with cybersecurity consultancy or related scope of work
  • Have passion for DevSecOps and security best practices including intrusion detection/network security monitoring and/or working with cyber threat intelligence
  • Experience with Penetration Testing
  • Experience with DevOps toolset like JIRA, BitBucket, Confluence
  • Experience with designing and architecting systems
  • Experience with Agile – Software Development Lifecycle
  • Experience with cloud providers like AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Experience working with clients, preferably in an operational environment
  • Self-motivated, curious, team-player, problem solver
  • Detail-oriented and focused in a dynamic and fast-paced working environment
  • Able to articulate clearly, demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills

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