Information has been prepared by Global Notification Solutions Private Limited (“GNS”) that markets under Artius Global and/or one of its affiliate or subsidiaries for information purpose only. Artius Global is a trade name used by GNS. The information is current as at the date of release into the public arena. Certain parts of the information may have been obtained from and/or based on, sources that GNS believes to be reliable. However none of the information has been independently verified by GNS. The opinions and recommendations expressed herein (“Opinions” and “Recommendations”) and any terms and conditions set out are indicative and for discussion purposes only. Opinions and recommendations reflect the judgment of GNS as of the date of the information provided and may be subject to change without notice if GNS becomes aware of any information whether specific or general, which may have an impact on any such Opinions or Recommendations.

This information is confidential and is intended only for the use of the original recipient and its directors, officers and employees who are required to use it in the course of their duties, provided that prior to such disclosure, such directors, officers and employees have been made aware of the confidential nature of the content and have been directed to treat such Content as confidential. The content should not be distributed, published or reproduced in whole or in part without GNS prior written consent. Please note that GNS is not in the business of providing legal, tax, regulatory, accounting advice and is not providing such advice in relation hereunder.

No warranty, express or implied, is or will be made and no responsibility or liability is or will be accepted by GNS (or any of its directors, officers, agents, employees or advisers) in relation to, or as a consequence of relying on the accuracy and completeness (including without limitation, economic and financial projections and risk analysis) or any written or oral information made available to the recipient or its advisors or otherwise in connection herewith. GNS shall not have obligation to provide access to additional information or to update or supplement the information as further information becomes available. The information must be considered in conjunction with all other available information.

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